Over the past couple of months, I’ve had a greasy build up on the roots of my hair. That may be too much information, but I know there are quite a few people who have had the same problem and want to know how to stop getting greasy hair so quickly. If you say yes to any of the following points, then this post is for you.    You wash your hair and it still looks dull, dirty and feels quite heavy at the roots You hair may feel flat and coated in a residue (particularly at the roots) It might… View Post

It would be amazing to feel on top of the World all of the time, but it’s just not realistic.   I’ve had a few things happen over the last year or so, which has, shall we say, knocked me quite a bit. Without going into the details, I’ve spent the last year trying to work out how to “make myself better”.   I’ve realised, it’s perfectly okay not to be okay. That it’s okay to cry, to be alone, to feel negative and to want to curl up in a ball and eat ALL the food. It’s okay to say no and turn… View Post

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my birthday. If a girl can’t treat herself on her birthday, then I don’t know when she can! Having said that, I literally treat myself at every opportunity. You’ll regularly find me sat scrolling through ASOS/*insert online shop here* shouting “treat yo self“. Yes, I know I have problems. Anyway, back to what you came here for, a review of some new beauty picks, a collective haul over the past couple of weeks.   A mini Sephora Haul I hate to admit this, but last month was the FIRST time I’d purchased… View Post

Quick post for today, but don’t worry I’m coming back with lots more content over the next couple of weeks! I’ve just published my first impressions of Primark PS PRO makeup. I really enjoyed filming the video and would love to hear your thoughts. Also, please let me know what other stuff you would like to see. I’m thinking of starting a “How to” series about beauty and skincare, thoughts?   I’ve been trying the Primark makeup out for a couple of weeks now, so will be posting a more in depth review on the PS PRO Primark makeup in the… View Post

Diptyque are a luxury candle brand who use raw materials which are rare and precious. They spend hours trying to provide the perfect scented candles and do not shy away from challenges, or compromise on quality. Each candle has a first-class blend of waxes (contains around 9 different mineral waxes), to provide the slow burning, high intensity scented candles. These candles are the perfect present and I was lucky enough to receive 3 for my birthday.   Although Diptyque candles are a little on the expensive side, £20 for 70g and £42 for 190g, they have amazing longevity. The small candle… View Post