Beauty and skincare – Why trying samples before you buy is important

Beauty and skincare - Why trying samples before you buy is so important
Beauty and skincare - Why trying samples before you buy is so important

One of the things that I’ve realised I keep repeating to friends, family and other people I know, is that trying samples before you buy is so important! You’ll probably realise by now that I love trying new products, (one of the main reasons for starting this blog). I do spend obscene amounts of money on new products, but for the more pricey items, I’ll usually try and sample them before I splurge.


I thought it would be helpful, if I tell you how and why I get free samples. This post isn’t about ripping off brands and getting free stuff for the sake of it. But informing people that it’s ok to try a product before you spend hard earned cash on it. I mean you wouldn’t keep clothes if they didn’t fit you, would you? So why do that with expensive makeup/skincare, if you don’t have to.

Beauty and skincare - Why trying samples before you buy is so important

Helpful counters

Approaching beauty counters can be daunting, especially if you don’t have a clue about makeup and skincare. Although there are always horror stories of the girls on the counters not being helpful/rude/hard selling, I’ve genuinely never had a bad experience. If you’re looking for a specific product, ask them! They are usually always happy to help and most of the time are quite knowledgable.


Foundation is the hardest product for me to be 100% happy with. I fell in love with Estee Lauder double wear because of their iMatch service in Boots. If you haven’t tried Double Wear and like a medium to build-able foundation, please go and get a sample!


No7 also do a match made service which recommends your perfect foundation, concealer and lipstick, using a device. I’ve not tried this before, but have heard really good things about it!


Do your research first

I would recommend doing your research before buying an expensive product first anyway. But if you’re worried about being hard sold to at beauty counters, then make sure you’re clued up on why you want to try a certain product. A lot of higher end skincare brands have special devices to check your skin and recommend products based off of that analysis. Dermalogica and Kiehl’s have amazing services to help understand what your skin needs and how to achieve it. They will usually always give you samples after, of the recommended products.  If they don’t just ask!

Beauty and skincare - Why trying samples before you buy is so important

Testing and samples if you’re making a purchase

Don’t be afraid to try products in store, or ask for someone to apply the product for you. I have found some amazing eyeshadow’s and lipsticks from getting one of the counter staff to apply some to my face. Again, don’t feel pressured to purchase on the spot, it’s easy to just say “that’s going to be added to my wish list” or “I’ll need to think about it” and leave empty handed.


Also, a number of brands provide samples if you’ve made a purchase online. Charlotte Tilbury usually allow you to pick 2 or 3 samples of their popular/new products to try, this includes lipstick, foundation and skincare! Also, if you’ve made a purchase in store, you can always ask for a free sample. I usually ask for something if I’m in SpaceNK or repurchasing my Eve Lom cleanser in Liberty! It’s also a great way to try out new brands and use different ingredients before committing.


Products I’ve fallen in love with from trying before buying



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