My favourite candle brand – Diptyque Paris

Diptyque are a luxury candle brand who use raw materials which are rare and precious. They spend hours trying to provide the perfect scented candles and do not shy away from challenges, or compromise on quality. Each candle has a first-class blend of waxes (contains around 9 different mineral waxes), to provide the slow burning, high intensity scented candles. These candles are the perfect present and I was lucky enough to receive 3 for my birthday.


My favourite candle brand - Diptyque Paris

Although Diptyque candles are a little on the expensive side, £20 for 70g and £42 for 190g, they have amazing longevity. The small candle has around 20 hours of burn time, whereas the larger (70g) candle has up to 60 hours. Also, if you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ll see that the glass tumblers make great storage.


My favourite candle brand - Diptyque Paris

My favourite candle brand - Diptyque Paris

Vanille candle

My all time favourite, this candle is sensual and sweet all at the same time. I WISH they did this in a perfume. Bourbon Vanialla mixed with sandalwood gives smooth/woody undertones which is divine. I cannot give this Vanille candle justice. All I can say is, this scent isn’t for everyone but once it’s lit, it’s a crowd pleaser. I urge you to go and give this a sniff in your nearest SpaceNK.


My favourite candle brand - Diptyque Paris

Roses mini candle

I received this Diptyque Roses mini candle in a Liberty Beauty set a year or so ago. On paper, I wouldn’t like this candle as I usually don’t like the smell of roses, but this candle is divine. Subtle yet a little powdery in scent, the roses candle is made up of several varieties of roses to create a smell that is discreet, feminine and not heavy. When I say this little candle fills up the room, you can leave it lighting for an hour or so and the smell in the room will last for hours.


Baies mini Diptyque candle

Baies / Berry Candle

As the name suggests, Baies candle is full of beautiful berry flavours, which are not over powering at all. Including blackcurrant leaves, Bulgarian rose and red fruits to create a fruity yet quite floral scent. Baies is such an inviting scent and is a firm favourite with my boyfriend. Who knew he was a candle conocer (lols)!


Mimosa Candle

A fresh but sweet floral scent, this candle (apparently) should remind you of the South of France (if you’ve been lucky to visit there before). Think blue sea and golden sunshine, a Mediterranean springtime. If that description doesn’t make you want to smell Mimosa, then I don’t know what will!



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