How to stop getting greasy hair & Windle and Moodie product reviews

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had a greasy build up on the roots of my hair. That may be too much information, but I know there are quite a few people who have had the same problem and want to know how to stop getting greasy hair so quickly. If you say yes to any of the following points, then this post is for you. 


  1. You wash your hair and it still looks dull, dirty and feels quite heavy at the roots
  2. You hair may feel flat and coated in a residue (particularly at the roots)
  3. It might be difficult to style and you feel it needs to be washed most days


Before I get started, I wanted to explain why hair gets greasy. There are a number of reasons for this, but basically your scalp naturally produces sebum and this is an oily substance. Now usually only a little sebum is produced and this is very normal. The build-up of sebum in the hair allows dirt to cling to it and normal shampoo will remove the excess very easily. Although sometimes our scalp produces too much sebum (maybe due to parabens and other toxins in your shampoo), which can mean more dirt. Another reason for an oily scalp may be due to product buildup, this is a gradual accumulation of product on the individual hair strands.


How to stop getting greasy hair & Windle and Moodie product reviews

Washing your hair

I’ve been told that it’s good to wash your hair at least twice a week, or when you feel your hair needs it. But it really depends on your hair type and the routine you have and yes having a routine is important. I probably wash mine every three days (it used to be daily) and have certainly noticed a difference after getting into a routine. Washing your hair less often really does help, because if you are constantly stripping your scalp of the natural oils they are producing it will then try to replace those oils quicker (which means more oil), and then the vicious cycle continues. You should also ensure that when washing your hair, you focus on the scalp and roots rather than just your lengths. Also, don’t apply shampoo directly to  your hair but lather it up in your hands first then massage in from the roots to lengths.


How to stop getting greasy hair & Windle and Moodie product reviews


The type of shampoo

Now many people think that the more expensive the shampoo, the better it is. This is completely not true and a number of salon products are actually not that great for your hair (as I found out recently). You’ll probably have guessed by now, but it’s taken me a while to find the right products and Windle & Moodie have an amazing range which has really helped. Just for reference, I have thick long hair but these products are perfect for all hair styles.


Also, any shampoos which have the words moisturising or conditioning in, may not be right for your oily hair. These are usually not clear in colour and contain ingredients you want to avoid for greasy hair. Clear shampoos usually mean they are free from additional conditioners. It sounds obvious but you want to look for shampoos that target oily hair (this should be on the label) and have citrus and herbs ingredients. The Windle & Moodie fortifying treatment shampoo has a number of beneficial ingredients to help promote hair growth, prevent breakage and remove excess oil whilst protecting your (coloured) hair. It also smells amazingly sweet, you know I love a good product scent.


Invest in a good clarifying shampoo

A clarifying shampoo can also make a big difference to grease/oil prone hair. It will absorb and remove excess oil/grease  and provide a deep clean. You should only use a clarifying shampoo once a week, as frequent use can dry out your hair and even fade the colour. I know this is starting to sound like a sponsored post (I promise you, I bought these products with my own money), but the Windle & Moodie Healthy Head (and hair) treatment is absolutely amazing at clarifying your hair. This is the one product that saved my hair when I couldn’t find anything to reduce the greasy build up. It is not drying at all and I’ve honestly never seen my hair so shiny and amazing. The scent is quite herbal, due to the eucalyptus and tea tree, but I cannot rave about this product enough!


How to stop getting greasy hair & Windle and Moodie product reviews

Don’t be afraid to use conditioner 

One of the things I worried about when I had greasy hair was if conditioner would make the problem worse. It’s important to condition your hair as using shampoo can strip the natural oils out of your hair and you don’t want greasy and dry hair do you? I would recommend applying a small amount to the lengths, paying particular attention to the ends. I rarely put any conditioner on my scalp or roots. The Windle & Moodie Fortifying conditioner is incredible, it smells sweet, like the shampoo but helps to lift and make your hair look fuller whilst promoting hair growth and stronger shiny hair. Another staple product for me and one I would highly recommend.


That’s pretty much it. Sorry for declaring my love for the Windle & Moodie hair products. As I said before, this product isn’t sponsored, I bought the products myself. I just seem to have fallen in love with this brand and wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Let me know your thoughts!


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