Introducing StyleThief


As I stated in my previous post here, some of my new posts are going to include technology and how this will impact the fashion/beauty industry. Today it’s all about a new app called “Style Thief“.


What is StyleThief?
StyleThief is a new iPhone app which allows you to “search for, find and buy any fashion apparel that you see on the street, TV, internet or anywhere”. It allows you to take a picture, or upload one and the app will then show you where you can buy similar items.


The technology behind the app  
StyleThief uses “findSimilar technology, which is created by Cortexica. Without going into a lot of detail, Cortexica uses image recognition, visual search platform and (very long) algorithms to enable the creation of such apps. By the way, the algorithms imitate the way the brain recognises images – cool huh?


So how can you use it?
Before writing up this review, I decided to try the app out myself. If you want, you can download it for free (here). First of all, the app is user friendly and has a really nice design.


As I said previously, you can either take a picture or use one from your phone’s library. I decided for this example I’d use a picture of me at the Company “Bloggers Style the high street” event. I wanted to see whether or not it would “find” the ripped jeans I wore.

Style Thief App

Once you’ve uploaded the picture you can select a variety of options to narrow the search down. For this example, I wanted to find women’s jeans. As you can probably see from the above picture, you can select what area you want the search to focus.


You will then be shown a number of results, which should be similar to the item in your photo. I have to say I was surprised when the search provided ripped jeans as the picture isn’t all that clear! Although, black ripped jeans were quite low down on the list and not similar to mine.


Having said that, if you do like one of the search results, you can go straight through to the retailer’s website and purchase the item. Or, you can hit the button “more like this” which will allow you to search for items similar to your selection. You can specify more information such as colour, types of denim, brand of jean and the retailer etc. I really like this feature, although I did convince myself I needed to buy a certain pair of jeans off Asos!

Style Thief App

How this may affect the way you shop  
Now this may sound a little creepy, but I’m sure most of you will have spotted someone with an amazing item of clothing. Well, this type of tech may actually enable consumers to find exactly where that special item can be purchased. There are also obvious benefits for retailers too.. Imagine linking this type of technology to Instagram/Pinterest! You will never have that awkward conversation of “where did you get that bag/coat/shoes from”. Or imagine the app starts to recognise your foundation base or lip colour… Creepy or amazing? Your call!


As this is my first “techy” post, I would really appreciate your thoughts on it. Is anyone interested in this, or is it just me? Any feedback is welcome!


If this post did interest you, then you should probably read this Forbes article too!





  1. 27/11/2014 / 5:46 am

    I LOVE the sound of this, might have to download it myself to give it a go xxx

    • Sam Bugeja
      27/11/2014 / 10:21 am

      Thanks for your comment Jessica, I really appreciate it!
      It’s quite good, but still needs some more development.. I’m interested to see how this could impact our shopping habits. x

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