Nars make the best blushers

Basically this is just a post declaring my love for Nars blushers and pretty much Nars in general. I’ve always had a soft spot for Nars, I’m not sure whether it’s their simple (but beautiful) packaging or their wide range of pigmented products. Obviously, the only way I can really declare my love for Nars, is by purchasing new products. I know, I’m a nightmare but I recently picked up the swoon worthy, NARSissist Dual-Intensity Blush Palette and it’s reaffirmed that Nars make the best blushers.

Nars make the best blushers

Nars make the best blushers

Nars make the best blushers

NARS Dual Intensity Blusher Palette

Isn’t this Nars dual intensity blusher palette just beautiful. Honestly, when I saw this in SpaceNK, I convinced myself I needed to take one home with me. The wet and dry formula makes this palette extremely versatile, although not recommended for the eyes (as the formula hasn’t been specifically tested for the eye area), these also make amazing shadows too.


Left to right: Soft Tulle, Damask with Gold Sheen, Peony and Titian

Nars make the best blushers

This highlighter, blush and contouring palette is universally flattering (according to Nars) and the colours are very buildable without being too strong in colour. The two darkest shades, Peony and Titan, are actually quite deep in colour, meaning that this palette will work for a number of skin tones.


The highlighter is a pale pink/silver with iridescent shimmer which is the perfect natural looking highlight.  This is quite sheer if applied dry and is not strong in pigment. Although applied wet, this can last all day and really highlights the tops of my cheek bones perfectly, it doesn’t leave a white cast either! I think my favourite blush is the second one in the palette (Damask) as it has a gold shimmer through it and is more warm toned than the original Orgasm shade by Nars.

Nars make the best blushers

The deepest shade in the palette (Peony) is a little harder to blend out when wet. Peony is quite a deep berry toned shade and something I’m unsure I can fully pull off with my pale skin. It does give a nice flush to the cheeks but I feel it looks a tiny bit too dark for me. Having said that, it’s  an amazing crease colour and I’ll certainly be wearing it on my eyes throughout the Autumn months!


The last shade is supposedly good for contour but it has a subtle shimmer and is too warm toned to be a proper contour for me. Although, for my lazy makeup days, this is perfect to bronze up the face and give a subtle warmth without going overboard with contour. 


Nars Dual Intensity blush in Liberation

As you can see from the picture below, the Nars Dual Intensity blush in Liberation has been well loved since I got it for my birthday in June. A limited edition palette, I’m not sure if  you can purchase this anymore, the last place I saw it was here, in House of Fraser.

Nars make the best blushers
Although this palette was released for the Summer, I seem to be reaching for it all the time! I really like swirling my blush around in both and using them together, it provides the most amazing peachy bronze shade, nothing that I’ve got in my collection. The pigment intensives if applied wet and again these double up as amazing eyeshadows! The darker shade is a warm terracotta colour, nothing like I’ve seen before and gives the most amazing bronzed flush to the cheeks. This would look amazing with a tan!


Nars Orgasm Blush

An oldie, but a goodie, this highly coveted blusher is a firm favourite in the beauty community. Suitable for most skin tones, this blusher is so beautiful and has to be one of my absolute faves. It gives an amazing but subtle flush to the cheeks and the gold shimmer reflects the light perfectly, without making you look like a rag doll.

If you don’t have Nars Orgasm in your collection, then I would recommend you reconsider!
Nars make the best blushers

Have you tried any Nars blushers before? I’m always on the look out for new Nars products so please send recommendations by way! Let me know your thoughts on this review down below.


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