The fragrances I’ve been reaching for this Autumn

The fragrances I've been reaching for this Autumn Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud YSL black opium Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford White Patchouli

So I had a debate with myself about posting the fragrances I’ve been reaching for this Autumn. I didn’t know if I was the only one who liked to mix things up through the Autumn/Winter months. But after asking on Twitter, I was told that I am in fact normal (lol) and was given so many different opinions on people’s favourite Autumnal fragrances.

I’ve come to realise recently that ladies perfume is a complex thing and only over the past year or so, have I started to understand what scents I appreciate. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but it seems that the more money I spend on a perfume, the more I fall in love fragrance. It seems to just transform my mood and outfit.

Anyway, here are a few of the perfumes that I always reach for through the Winter months.

Be prepared for bad descriptions of scents. I wish I could just put “this one is so lovely” and it be a valid scent descriptor.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Tom Ford White Patchouli The fragrances I've been reaching for this Autumn

Kicking it off with some of my favourite scents from Tom Ford. Mr Ford has nailed it when it comes to dark, warm, Autumnal scents.

Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille

The most luxurious perfume I own and which lingers all day. It’s warm, rich, and just so hard to explain. Containing vanilla, cocoa, tobacco leaf and aromatic spices, this scent is smooth with subtle sweetness. It’s not for everyone. But I just love Tobacco Vanille, especially because the dark months call for, well, darker scents.

Tom Ford – White Patchouli

Every time I wear this someone will compliment the smell (sounds weird -huh?). This scent is more sweet than Tobacco Vanille, but it still has the classic Tom Ford woody undertone. It’s also a little cheaper (still bloody expensive) than the more popular Tom Ford scents. If you like bergamot, peony with a darker/woody undertone you’ll probably love this. Tom Ford White Patchouli is currently discounted on all beauty.

Jo Malone – Velvet Rose & Oud

One of my all time favourite scents. It wouldn’t be a a true perfume blog post, if I didn’t include one of my beloved Jo Malone fragrances. Jesus, I think that’s the most “blogger” thing I’ve ever said – soz.

As the name suggests, it’s intense but not over powering. Now I’m not a floral or rose kinda girl. I actually really don’t like rose scented stuff, so not sure how I’ve found myself recommending Velvet Rose & Oud. But it doesn’t have a floral or rose smell, it’s actually rich, smoky, warm and a little sweet. It lasts  throughout the day and just smells so luxurious, I’ve also shared my thoughts on the Velvet Rose & Oud candle here.

The intense Jo Malone scents are now made in a smaller 50ml bottle, which is just so cute and a cheaper alternative if you don’t want to splash out on the full size


YSL – Black Opium

My mum has always worn the original Opium. Although since introducing her to Jo Malone, she now douses herself in wood sage & sea salt. But when I saw YSL release a new deeper version of the original fragrance, I naturally fell in love. Coffee, vanilla and orange blossom are all scents right up my street, so I was bound to love the YSL Black Opium fragrance.


Gucci – Bloom

One which I actually forgot to include in the photo because I used it that day – silly me. This is new to my collection and the first fragrance for Gucci. Similar story to my other recommendations, Gucci Bloom is rich with a little bit of a powdery floral twist. Again so hard to explain but this was another fragrance which surprised me and if you don’t like oud/woody scents then this is a good alternative, whilst still feeling Autumnal. Also LOVE the packaging of this too.

Side note, I’ve just realised that Debenhams do a “try it first” offer/sample. So when purchasing a full size fragrance you receive a free sample of the product, meaning you can try it before you open it. This means that if you try the fragrance and don’t like it, then you can get your money back. Such a good idea!

As always let me know your favourite Autumn/Winter fragrances. I’m a sucker for a new perfume.


This post included a paid no follow link. This content is not an ad nor sponsored. All products were purchased with my own money.


  1. 24/10/2017 / 6:23 pm

    I love having different scents for different seasons- the YSL is a fave of mine but I love CK Euphoria and Thierry Mugler Alien for this time of year- I keep my Jo Malone scents for spring/summer as I prefer the fresher scents from there- although haven’t smelt any of the new English Oak range so that will be my next stop! Fab post lovely x

    • 24/10/2017 / 8:09 pm

      I also need to smell English Oak range – I’ve only heard good things. I get what you mean with regards to Jo Malone and spring/summer scents.
      I love Thierry Mugler Alien – that’s a beaut scent.
      Thanks so much for you comment Zoe, I really do appreciate it.

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