Things I’ve been trying

Things I've been trying

Things I've been trying

I’ve said it before, but I’m lucky enough to receive a number of products due to my blog. Some are just randomly sent to me and others for review. I’ve decided to include some products that I’ve been trying over the past couple of months and give you my honest opinions. One of the things that I really hold true on the blog, is honesty. Even though I may not like a product, or give it a rave review, doesn’t mean it isn’t a fabulous product! I know lots of fellow bloggers that love certain products, that I just can’t get on with and vice versa. Anyway, enough of the ramble, onto some new things I’ve been trying.


Minty Coco – Oil pulling

Things I've been trying

I was gifted these Minty Coco sachets at the Brighton blog event. I’ve tried oil pulling multiple times before and have seen the benefits. These minty coco sachets are not only handy but also taste of After Eight chocolates (maybe just me, but I really like the taste). It’s really easy to use, squeeze the product into your mouth then swish and pull the oil around your mouth and through your teeth for about 10 minutes. Try and spit the oil into the bin, as coconut oil can solidify and block your sink. Coconut oil has been proven to naturally whiten your teeth, it’s also great at killing bad bacteria in your mouth, promoting a fresher breath and healthier smile! They’re also not too pricey either, I would recommend these!


Pure Gold Collagen

Things I've been trying

When I was asked to try these, I was pretty sceptical. They claim to promote younger looking skin which help support healthy looking hair and nails, and increase skins hydration and elasticity. Gold Collagen also claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The reviews online are extremely mixed and I decided the only way for me to make up my own mind was by trying it for myself. I was given a 30 day supply but I only lasted 10. I just couldn’t seem to get over the taste of them. They are supposed to taste of peach and passion fruit, but to me, they taste quite artificial and sour/acidic. Although I really didn’t like the taste, I decided to power through! I took one every day for 10 days before I went to work, I have noticed that my skin looks more radiant but haven’t really noticed any difference to my fine lines under my eyes. It’s hard to come to a verdict on these because I didn’t complete the entire 30 day course. I just wish the taste was better! Let me know if you’ve tried these, I’m intrigued to know if anyone else has seen a difference. If you do fancy trying these you can get £5 off with the promo code DRINK ME here.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

When I’ve not been using my Emma Hardie cleanser, I’ve been trying out the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser in the morning, usually when I’m in the shower. It lathers nicely, is fragrance free and gives a deep clean. I will be purchasing the larger size once I’ve run out of my other cleansers (I’ve acquired a rather large amount, recently!). I would say it also helps to moisturise the skin as it has Vitamin E in it, which is an added benefit. Suitable for all skin types, because of it’s gentle formulation, I would recommend this if you like a light and scent free way to cleanse your face. It’s also not very pricey which is an added bonus! Click here for more information.
Things I've been trying

Meraki SPF15 Lip Balm

A new brand on my radar, Meraki was also introduced to me at the Brighton blog event. This Meraki mint lip balm, not only contains SPF15 in it, but it’s really nourishing and leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated. Have a look at Meraki’s website, their packaging is beautiful and I’m so tempted to purchase a few products to stash around my house!


Vita Liberata – Body Blur

Things I've been trying
So this is Hollywood’s makeup artists’ favourite luxury tan, it’s also been used on a number of celebrities who attended the Oscars. Not only does the Body Blur provide a golden glow but also helps to cover imperfections. It can be described as a body makeup, which can be applied all over the body and also on your face! A little does go a long way and the formula has iradecent specs of glitter to provide a natural and healthy glow to the skin. Not only is it waterproof but is also quite moisturising. It’s safe to say that I may have found a new favourite tan! Although this is luxury and quite pricey, it doesn’t have that awful fake tan scent and it can be washed off after 24 hours! I also love the packaging, this product can do no wrong in my eyes.


Chroma personalised notebook

Things I've been trying

How beautiful is this notepad! Planning a wedding? Got a favourite quote? Want a branded notepad with your blog name? Click on over to Chroma to get your own personalised notebook. This little notebook has been keeping me organised over the last couple of months. I really like that the lines are quite slim (small handwriting problems). The Chroma notepads come in a number of colours and you can also pick the font and quote/wording. If you fancy 20% off then type “BLGGR2” at the checkout! Please tweet me/tag me if you do purchase one, I would LOVE to see them.


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This post includes PR samples, although products have been sent to me. Views are all my own!

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  1. Jenny McKinlay
    21/05/2016 / 9:51 am

    I love mintycoco! I’ve noticed great results with these sachets and eager to try the gold collagen range it sounds fab! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

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